Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Look Back at Old Resolutions 2008

Last January, I posted my goals for the year. How have I done this year? There have been some sidetracks, some delayed projects, and some re-prioritizing. Discovering the brick under the siding was unexpected, and sucked up much of our remodeling money this year, putting other projects on the back burner. We've still accomplished quite a bit on our list, though!

1) Finish Bathroom- Not Yet!
Well... we've installed a light, hung the door, and scraped part of the wall (leading visitors to query us over our "interesting" wall covering). I'm not sure I like the light... but it's there for now!

2) Replace Front and Back Door- 1/2 Done
We've replaced the back door, and have stripped the new front door and bought a new storm. I really wanted to get it in before this winter, but it's too cold to paint outside now.

3) Finish Landscaping Backyard (and Plant) NO!
All we did in the back yard this summer was finish the firepit and build a hammock stand.

4) Finish Master Bedroom- Um... NO!
Didn't do a single thing except create a myriad of plans and dream of including a bathroom!

5) Finish Laundry Room- No
We did hang the kitchen cabinets... but that is all!

6) Wood Flooring No
We didn't lay the flooring we have... but I did discover tongue and groove flooring under our carpet.

7) Replace Trim No
We've looked at trim styles and talked about what we want... is that close?

8) Research and Plan Exterior Paint/Stucco/Re-Siding DONE!
We sure "resided" the house! No more asbestos siding for us... and it's DONE!

9) Dog Door No
Somehow this just didn't seem that important... and without a deck in the back yard, it didn't seem that possible yet.

10) Compost Piles Done!
Here's our compost piles!

As we face the next year, we will make a new list... some things left unaccomplished will remain, but new priorities have been made. And, of course, we will expect the unexpected!


Di said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who didn't accomplish my New Year's goals. Oh well. At least we both made some progress!

Green Fairy said...

I think you've done an amazing amount of work on your house this year. Whenever I feel like slacking on a project, I look at what you're up to, and it's usually enough to light a fire under me to go work on something.

Robj98168 said...

Its nice to see and read I am not the only one who didn't finish their Must Do list fo rhteir house! everything completed is progress and you made some great progress this year. My list for next year is down to 1 thing- The shower in my bathroom- I want my own damn shower~!

Why S? said...

You got a a LOT done! Pat yourself on the back and gird yourself for next year's list.

Cynthia said...

Give yourself some serious credit for the things you've managed to accomplish. Your little house looks lovely now

Merry Xmas!

NV said...

You've done quite a lot this year. I commend you for actually creating a list. I'm afraid to do it. :-)

Jenni said...

I've been thinking about our list of un accomplishments......sigh.....there is always next year.

The exterior of your house looks so good. The brick is just great, and that was a HUGE accomplishment on your list.

Larry said...

MAN!! You are braver than I am when looking back at what I promised. Not sure if I could do what you have done.