Thursday, July 3, 2008

Two Small Projects

I found time yesterday to complete two small projects left unfinished. It's amazing how small projects pile up, with just a little bit of time needed for completion.

First, I painted the backsplash for the kitchen the same color as the walls.



We still want to put some sort of tile or metal backsplash up instead, but spending for things besides structural integrity has been put on hold. With 20 minutes and a bit of the leftover paint, I have a nice looking kitchen. Temporary, but well worth it.

I also hung the bathroom vanity light. I bought it in January on clearance, and just haven't put it up. It's been sitting on the floor outside the bathroom for 6 months.



Now, of course finishing the walls in the bathroom would go a LONG way to making it look nicer in there, too! Perhaps when it is too rainy to work outside...

It felt good to check off two more small projects... especially as we toil on the much larger project of the exterior. I need a little "instant gratification" every once in a while!


Wendy said...

I know what you mean about quick projects. Sometimes I scan my huge list to find something I can finish in less than an hour.

And I think we have the same bathroom light as the one you replaced. I sort of like it's grooviness.

Also, I love the paint kitchen color.

Christine said...

Yep, I like the quick projects too. So sad they're so few and far between though.

Green Fairy said...

Getting any project checked off, even a small one, is so satisfying.

Jayne said...

I'm all about the instant gratification sometimes, too. For me it was that cover on the seat of my wicker chair. I think I've been looking to buy the same bathroom mirror that you have.

Red said...

Somehow my eyes went straight to the Cuban style expresso machine. Every kitchen should have one.

Susie said...

This looks fabulous! I am always amazed at how much better things like this makes the house look!

Silvia said...

I like the color in the kitchen alot! Maybe even better than putting up a backsplash in a different color. I am not so sure if I like that light fixture in the bath together with that mirror and vanity/top. Looks like too much of different styles/aera maybe?