Monday, January 7, 2008

New Year's Resolutions 2008

It is that time of year again... a new year. A good time to set goals and benchmarks for upcoming projects and to plan for the future. My plans for the year include:

1) Finish Bathroom
Paint, trim, new doors and framing, new vanity extensions.

2) Replace Front and Back Door
Find and refinish doors, new framing

3) Finish Landscaping Backyard (and Plant)
Build deck, build small patio, finish fire pit, build raised vegetable gardens, finish doggy sandbox, PLANT!

4) Finish Master Bedroom
Build wall to separate it from the laundry room, build closet, install french doors, remove window into next room, floor, remove paneling and finish drywall, paint, possibly some built-ins.

5) Finish Laundry Room
See above... plus, finish hanging old kitchen cabinets, build new shelves, finish drywall, paint cabinets and walls, lay slate.

6) Wood Flooring
The biggest project: Rip out old flooring. Replace with 100 year old heart pine that is sitting in the garage.

7) Replace Trim
Replace the nasty pressed wood 70's trim, that was badly painted and is broken and cracking with something more tasteful.

8) Research and Plan Exterior Paint/Stucco/Re-Siding
Research, research, research.

9) Dog Door
Buy dog door, cut hole in wall, frame out, and screw in.

10) Compost Piles
Nail hardwood pallets together to form two or three compost bins beside the garage for easy composting.

Ambitious? Yes. Let's see how much we can do this year!


minhus said...

I thought my 2008 to do list was extensive, but man, I feel like a slacker after reading yours. Good luck!

Kate H. said...

I see what you mean (cf your comment on my houseblog) by also resolving to split the bigger jobs down into one or two-day chunks. Whew!

Jennifer said...

Minhus and Kate H.~
I did forget to mention that my husband and I are both teachers, and so have 2 months off this summer to DO some of these things! I can't imagine doing them with a standard year round job.

Still, we probably won't get everything done! There's always next year.

Forever and Ever House said...

Jennifer...I love your to do list!! It is about as long as mine is!! Sigh! I just wish I could twinkle my nose and it would be all done!! On second thought, the joy is in the journey, isn't it...
Jill from