Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tiny Old House vs Asbestos Siding, Day 4

Today was hard. It rained. We were in no mood to work; grumpy, irritable, cantankerous. Here's today's work:


ALL the asbestos is gone except THIS:
"This" is few panels under and around our electrical box. The City is coming out sometime this week to disconnect our service so we can safely remove and reattach it. They came out this morning to do this for us, but couldn't figure out how it was attached with the siding up. They asked us to call them when we had the siding down.

In answer to a few queries in the comments, we don't yet know what we will do with the house yet. Our dream is to salvage the brick; if we can do it ourselves AND it will cost the same or less than siding or stucco, we will DEFINITELY do it. Otherwise, we will likely paint it. A travesty... but there is a lot of damage. We're crossing our fingers here!


Jayne said...

You guys are really getting a lot of work done each day! I'm so hoping you can keep the brick--and I don't think painting it is a travesty. Lots of painted brick houses here in my hometown, some pre-Civil War, and it doesn't look bad at all. (Just my opinion.)

Kristy said...

I completely agree with Jayne.
I don't think painted brick looks bad and honestly it would be a sin to cover it up again...especially after all that hard work of exposing it in the first place.

Jennifer said...

Jayne and Kristy~ We won't put siding on it again... we'll just probably patch and paint if we can't salvage. It doesn't look bad, but it prevents a lot of the benefits of having brick, and future owners will curse me for painting it! (Little do THEY know!) Ah well, we will do the best we can!

Silvia said...

I just wouldn't paint it a funky color tho, just something nice that fits the house. Good job so far.:)

Robj98168 said...

You guys are moving right along. Painted brick looks good.

pedalpower said...

Wow you guys are going to town on this!! I just can't understand...who would cover up brick with siding anyway? Can't wait to see how it turns out.

Amanda said...

We removed the asbestos from our house too! It is one of those things that seems really scary until you are done, and then you think it wasn't that bad.