Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Patio Ghost (The Great Siding Tear-Down Continues)

We removed the siding from the front of the house today:

We noticed two curious pairs of white lines running down the house vertically, a few feet from the door on each side:

Here's a close up:

We puzzled over them for a while before we realized that they are the "ghosts" of the original porch! The house next to us (which is identical in almost every way) has a porch that is exactly that size, covering just the front door. It also has two turned columns in the front, and two "half" columns against the house in exactly those spots. The current porch on our house must not be original to the house; I am guessing it was poured and roofed at the same time as the house was clad in siding.


Jen said...

The brick looks beautiful! What a dramatic change to the look of your house! I love it :)

C&C said...

That's an instant aesthetic improvement :)


Todd said...

Looking great! Here is a link for you regarding brick construction. I am going to post it to my own blog, but I thought you may find it interesting.
Click here

Elizabeth said...

What a great discovery! My husband started ripping up our kitchen yesterday and found that we have clapboard siding behind the drywall- on an interior wall. Strange! I doubt it's seen the light of day for at least 50 years.

Leah W said...

i have to say I think it looks so great with out the siding!

(i am such a blog stalker-I check your blog quite often and as far as I can remember this is the first time I have left a comment :) )

cotterpin said...

The brick looks great! What a lucky surprise!

Green Plan(t) said...

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Silvia said...

You have a interesting project going!:) Are you leaving the brick exposed or are you planning on residing?

Mike said...

I was going to ask the same thing as silvia. The house looks really nice with the brick. Are you leaving it?

Jennifer said...

Sylvia and Mike~ We don't know yet. It's in pretty bad shape... on the first day we uncovered several spots of delamination. HOpefully we can keep it natural!