Monday, June 23, 2008

Reading the Writing on the Walls...

In preparation for keeping the brick NATURAL (yes, we've decided to scrape up the money to keep it natural... thanks for your comments to assure us it was worth it!), I've been scrubbing down the brick. There are spiderwebs and crayon names and drawings to remove before work is started!

It's a veritable "who's who" of the house's former child residents!




"Mma" ?


"ARRX" ?


... and many more that are no longer legible or were obscene in some way.

I've been using a soft, natural bristle roofing brush to clean the brick. I cleaned the cobwebs and dust off first, using the bristle brush dry, and now am dipping the brush in water to help remove the snap chalk lines from the siding installation.

The crayon and chalk names are the hardest to remove... they are right by the front door, though, so I want them gone. I found using a SOFT toothbrush gives just the right amount of abrasion for removing the writing but not the brick. I've scrubbed just about every brick on the front of the house by hand with a toothbrush...


minhus said...

Now that's some serious dedication, sister, wow!

Robj98168 said...

*PHEW* I am just glad you didn't see where I signed my name!

NV said...

That's a lot of tedious and pain-staking work but man, when you look back on your nice, brick surface, you'll have to smile.

Jayne said...

You go, girl!

Laur said...

"I've scrubbed just about every brick on the front of the house by hand with a toothbrush..."

now I feel bad that I voted for natural

fred said...

Going with the natural look seems like the right move to me. Anything else and you only make it worse for the FO who would like it natural and its that much harder to get it back to that state.

I love hidden treasures. Kim and I sign our names on the inside of everything we do...