Monday, June 2, 2008

A Little Math Problem (and an Update)

Found this written on the back of a shingle:
Who says you don't need math in the "real" world?


Here's the daily update:

It is VERY hard to get the nails out of the 2x4's without damaging the brick behind. The nails are masonry nails (threaded) and so they grip the brick. If you try to pull them straight out, they pull the brick out with it, leaving a huge chunk.

We discovered that "unscrewing" them from the wall was the best option, using our vise-grips and a LOT of elbow grease. First, you must "free" the head of the nail... an old chisel worked well to chip away the wood around the nail head. Then, grip the nail in the tip of the vise grips, as tight as you can get. Slowly twist and pull the nail straight out. This only leaves a small hole.


Disclaimer: I am NOT a professional! Don't take my word on anything related to asbestos. Do NOT attempt to remove asbestos siding without consulting with the proper state licensing/permit agency. Do NOT attempt it without the proper safety precautions. And PLEASE do your research!


Amalie said...

Sounds a lot like our floor situation, in that it's a very inch by inch kind of process-- It's already looking good, though!

Green Fairy said...

The brick looks good! What a difference. Good job!

Jenni said...

Wow what a difference from your last post! The brick is going to look fantastic.

C&C said...

I don't know why anyone would cover brick with anything. Our house has the asbestos shingle siding also. I have considered taking it off (and will do so at some point) but at the time we were considering selling the house and didn't want to open a can of worms. the house was an ugly battleship gray and purple. I looked under a few of the shingles and the original clapboard siding was still there and just needed to be sanded/scraped but i didn't know how many clapboards I'd end up replacing and it would have taken me months to do all the work or cost $$$$$ if we had the painter do it. I could kick that siding salesman in the a$$ 50 years ago when he made his rounds through the neighborhood!


Molly said...

Wow. You are ambitious! That sounds like a lot of work. Why would someone cover up a brick house??

NV said...

WOW! that sounds like some seriously painful work. Hang in there!

Jayne said...

Oh my gosh, Jennifer, it looks great so far!! Well, except for that corner...but the rest of the house looks great! Now I REALLY want to pull the yucky cedar shingles off my house! There's clapboard underneath. Why in the world would someone cover up a brick house?? And you're so lucky the brick hasn't been painted.