Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I'm Famous... again!

Go check out our interview on Green Plan(t) this week! Amy writes a fabulous blog based around evironmental and simple living issues, and is running a weekly special on tiny houses and the people who live in them. Be sure to check out the other "tiny-lifers" she's interviewed so far!

Thanks again Amy, for letting us spout off about our tiny old house!


minhus said...

Great interview Jennifer!

Green Plan(t) said...

Oh you make me blush. :)

Thanks for the props, and thanks again for the interview!

I'm contemplating doing a part two for each Tiny Lifer at some point, if you're interested! Part two would probably be more of the day-to-day living in a tiny home.

d. said...

nice! i agree about how quick it is to clean - i miss that about our old house.

by the way, i tagged you on my blog. go check out the questions if you're interested!

fred said...

V. Nice! You ARE getting famous. I think you might be the most popular Houseblogger in the world... Your blog is in almost everyone's sidebar.