Friday, April 4, 2008

Roadside Finds

I'm sick at home with strep today. I want to rip out my tonsils and throat and chuck them across the room... the antibiotics better kick in soon! Luckily the ibuprofen has dealt with the fever already...

But, all of that is just the set up to my story:

My doctor's office is located in the middle of the Historic District in my city. I was driving away from the office in pure feverish misery when I saw a pile of old lights, a sink, and a mailbox sitting by a dumpster. I swung back around and knocked on the front door; the woman who answered said "Take it all away!".

An old ceiling light:

An old mailbox:

A street light/porch light (missing one globe and sans post):

An old wall mounted sink:

I'm going to keep the sink for our possible second bathroom; the rest I am going to give away (with the possible exception of the first lamp; it MIGHT work well in our bedroom on our odd sloped ceiling). Hopefully they will find homes where they can be reused and loved. If you are in Colorado and would love one of these, just drop me a line.


Amalie said...

Wow-- all those lights are amazing, especially the first one. And the sink has a bit of a mid-century vibe-- I LOVE wall mount sinks.

Some great finds!

Jennifer said...

Yeah... I forgot to mention above that it was a 50's ranch that I got them out of. They were "dressing" it up with all sorts of Craftsman details... looked sort of odd! I bet it looked really cute with these fixtures.

dynochick (Jan) said...

I agree, wall mount sinks are great, especially in smaller half bath situations.

I love that mail box. That is the same scroll work that is on my driveway gates. If you are not going to use the mailbox I would be willing to buy it from you. Let me know if that's an option. I'd drive to Colorado to get it but I have to work tomorrow....joke (I live in Mi)!!!

You can email me at janhuny aol

Marilyn said...

Oh, I love the lights! Quite a good haul, and just the thing to make you feel better.

Chile said...

Nice finds! I like that mailbox look.

Anonymous said...

those lights are AWESOME!!!

The Martineaus said...

I have mailbox envy.