Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Attacking the Scrap Pile

More de-cluttering here today; I attacked our wood scrap pile.


This is the scrap pile left over from our fencing last summer; it contains the broken fencing, furring strips, and stakes that we were too lazy to haul to the recycling center.

After avoiding it for a year, I decided we needed that workspace back. We've also decided it will be the perfect source for our summer fires. I went out there with a hammer and saw to de-nail it and cut it down to size.

I didn't finish the job today; in fact, I think it will take quite a few days until it is tackled. But, it's another decluttering project that I can chip away at when I have 15 minutes.


Chile said...

So, you really are cutting the crap? hehe

ad said...

15 minutes! you must have a strong back!

Robj98168 said...

This is a good thing! I keep tons of wood from my projectsand every once in a while go crazy cutting up for my chiminea!

fred@opc said...

My wife's a pyro - I see scrap wood, she sees the next 15 fires in our fire pit. Good luck getting it chopped up. Circular saw can make quick work of that (but is also the most dangerous hand power tool, I think).

Green Fairy said...

You've inspired me. I'll have to go buy a chimenea for our yard. Seems easier than trying to find a place that takes scrap wood!