Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Made Another Flowerbed...

Here is the patch of dirt between our driveway and our neighbor's driveway. There are bushes that line most of this strip... but the front 2 feet is bare dirt.


I dug out most of the soil, and edged it with some of the rubble stone (limestone that is almost marble) that we are using for our garden edging.


I plan on planting a bunch of daylilies, iceplants, and bulbs in here... nice, big invasive plants that will fill in nicely.

Cost: $0

Compost- Our Compost Pile
Stone- Father-in-law's scrap pile


Jen said...

How fab! I've got to get in on these $0 projects :)

Green Fairy said...

Very nice! That will be a great improvement.

fred@opc said...

Very nice before and after! I'm sure you'll have flowers popping up in no time!