Monday, November 19, 2007

What Have I DONE?

My beautiful slate! It's watermarked and stained! If you remember, last week I sealed the slate with a penetrating sealer. Apparently, I didn't follow the directions well enough, because this happened!

The directions call for pouring the sealer on, waiting 10 minutes, and wiping the excess off. This seemed like a huge waste of sealer, and somewhat impossible with individual tiles, so I opted to brush it on a few times, wait until the stone was no longer soaking sealer up, and then wipe off the excess sealer. That's what I get for not following instructions!

I have bought a bottle of sealer REMOVER. The current plan is to install the tile as-is, and then treat the whole floor with sealer remover. Then, re-apply the sealer using the EXACT instructions! Sigh.


Skymosher said...

Aw dang. I read your slate post with great interest and was looking forward to the next installment. (installment - get it? hyuck hyuck hyuck)

My stupid shower stall is a testament to my lack of basic house reno skills. I'm redoing it.

Jennifer said...

I know! I was so disappointed. But, I think it is salvagable. We actually JUST installed it (watch for a post after Thanksgiving), and you can hardly tell. With the sealer remover and a fresh sealing, I bet we will be golden!
We are learning as we go... as did everyone who has touched our house! Luckily the PO did a great job on the cheap tile in our shower stall!