Tuesday, November 13, 2007

New Drip Bowls!

Our lovely black and almond Amana stove just got a facelift! The old stainless steel drip bowls were very nasty and stained from years of abuse. I went to Home Depot and found BLACK drip bowls that look ever so nice with the black front and black control unit on the oven. I am going to scrub and freecycle the old ones. Sometimes it's the most simple things that make me happy!
Cost: $16
Waste: 4 Nasty drip bowls, hopefully recycled in some way


Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! You've got some great information on here. I am going to have to go through it more slowly.

We have been remodeling our home (it is only 30 years old though). We had to put most of our stuff in storage this summer because we had to have slab work done on one of our levels that included mud jacking and having portions ground out and re-poured. We still have work to do.

Your house is darling and the patio out back turned out great.

Jennifer said...

Thanks! My parents had to do that to their house... wow is slab work expensive! And, it's not really something you can do yourself... at least I don't have the skills! Good luck with that!