Thursday, November 8, 2007

Deconstruction: Reusing Building Materials (and Keeping Them OUT of the Landfill)

From the ReSource website:
Deconstruction involves carefully dismantling a building and salvaging the parts that can be re-used. Material coming from deconstruction often includes, but is not limited to, lumber, doors, windows, cabinetry and hardwood flooring. By choosing deconstruction, homeowners and builders can save precious natural resources and help divert material from the landfill.
Since we are renovating an older house, it is particularly easy to find a suitable salvaged replacement from a "scrape" or remodel. Our original front door from 1911 may be rotted and cracked, but a similar door may be in excellent shape and need only a coat of paint.

Where to Look:
ReSource (Boulder and Fort Collins, CO)
Habitat for Humanity ReStores (Nationwide)
Freecycle (Nationwide)
Craigslist (Nationwide)
The ReUse People of America (CO, WA, CA)

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