Friday, November 9, 2007

Asbestos and Popcorn Ceilings

There are popcorn ceilings throughout the entire house. Popcorn ceiling manufactured prior to 1978 likely contains asbestos.

I HATE the popcorn ceiling. It would be pretty easy to remove myself IF it doesn't contain asbestos. But, if it contains asbestos, I'm leaving it up there because the removal is hard and costly, even if you do it yourself.

I can have samples of the material tested for asbestos. It will cost me $100 to $200. And, if I find there is asbestos, I am legally required to disclose this fact when we sell the house.

Do I test or not? I can't afford to have the asbestos removed if it is there, so it will stay, and the disclosure will likely decrease my resale value. But if it isn't asbestos, I can remove the ugly popcorn ceilings and increase both my enjoyment of the house and it's resale value.


StuccoHouse said...

I only have tested those things that I absolutely know I will be dealing with. I have tested my kitchen tile ceiling & my basement tile floor & mastic. Three samples only cost me $30 through

I also have those lovely textured ceilings ;-) With those, I'm just assuming it is asbestos and doing a wet removal (spray down small sections and scrape off)...wearing a respirator. It actually results in a small pile of material, that I double bag and drop off at our hazardous waste place (although here you can put small amounts in the trash).

If you count gas, electric, etc. to cover the ceiling (not to mention peace of mind) I think "greenwise" removing it might be your best option.....if you are comfortable with the very small risk.

Jennifer said...

Thanks! You have a good point. I think we are going to test it... and then go from there.
It's only 800 sq ft of ceilings... how bad could it be? (Famous words of fate).

MarcusC said...

I scraped a “popcorn ceiling” off the ceiling of a 2-car garage in Punta Gorda Isles Florida. I wore only a particle mask because I had no idea that it contained 2-3% chrysolite asbestos until I got it tested. I hope my 2-days of fairly intense exposure will not negatively affect my health. What surprises me is that most Punta Gorda Isles cookie-cutter homes built in the period 1970 to 1978 all have the same 2-3% chrysolite asbestos popcorn ceilings spray-painted throughout the house. However, you cannot find any information online and the residents and real estate professionals are completely unaware of the existence or danger of the asbestos problem there.