Friday, June 5, 2009

Our First Iris!

Found this beauty in our garden the other day. It's the first bloom on our iris plants from 2 years ago.
Iris are one of my favorite flowers... and so easy to grow, even in a quasi desert! Almost half of the plants have blooms now... most are some variation of purple. I can't wait until they need dividing again!


Dulcie said...

Pretty! This is the best time of year for our garden. We also have irises as well as peonies, poppies, yarrow, and so much more. But soon everything gets fried in the Colorado sun.

Kate H. said...

Beautiful, and they do multiply generously, don't they? This has been a great year for irises in western Pennsylvania.

Why S? said...

That is my favorite flower. I've got one (just one) I'm waiting for. I think I'll be waiting for a while.