Monday, June 15, 2009

Glean of the Week

We'd been planning on a lake trip this past weekend, so when we saw a windsurfer lying on the side of the road with a "Free! Works fine, we just don't use it" sign on it we couldn't resist. It was quite chilly at the lake this time; we were quite happy we own wetsuits!




Plus, a few cute puppy pictures! The skinny black pup is ours; the other three (the cockapoo, lab/rottie mix, and German Shorthaired Pointer) belong to friends and family.



They fetched, chased, sniffed, ran, and rolled until they dropped for three days! Our pup Kirby is STILL sleeping.


Kristin said...

Hi Jennifer
Your dogs look great here, like they are having a complete ball.
Anyway, I have been looking for an email address for you, but couldn't find one - I would appreciate it if you could write to me at my email address or via my blog.
(kikuta2008mod2 @

Karen Anne said...

I noticed that trying to scroll your blog is very slow and choppy. I think it's because the photos are on photobucket. I've seen that on ebay when sellers use photobucket. Just a thought.

Green Fairy said...

Seeing the dogs so happy made me smile!