Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Little Black Paint Makeover

Our mailbox has been living on a front porch chair for over a year... ever since we removed the asbestos siding. I don't like our mailbox, and I was hesitant to drill holes into the brick for a box that wouldn't stay long.

Here's the old mailbox:

I removed the stick on numbers, lightly sanded it with 22o sandpaper, and spraypainted it with a can of black paint we had lying around in the garage:

I then realized that the stick on numbers were the only numbers visible from the street...
... the other house numbers had been painted white. Even though we intend on replacing the posts soon, we can't have the house unidentifiable! They were too delicate and paint encrusted to remove for stripping or proper painting, so I used a paint brush to paint the numbers black.

Here's what the mailbox and numbers look like on our house:

Much better than an ugly white mailbox sitting on the green chair! If it wears well, I may not even need to buy a new mailbox. Here's to a little paint.


Dulcie said...

Much better! I have had my eye on some new house numbers for a couple years now, but haven't taken the plunge.

Jessie said...

Love it! I hate our mailbox, but never thought of just repainting it! Now I have a weekend project...

NV said...

Cool1 Now I'm hearing The Stones singing, "I see a mailbox and I want to paint it black..." :-)