Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Finishing the Bathroom- FINALLY

We've been remodeling our bathroom for about 18 months now. We don't think the appraiser will like our hand scraped walls, lack of trim, lack of water heater closet door, or trial paint splotches, however. There is nothing like an appraisal to give you a little "kick" in the rear to finish projects up.

It rained yesterday... the perfect time to start (or finish) an inside project. We decided to use Venetian Plaster to finish up the walls, as there quite a few drywall patches and a VERY heavy texture. We could have skim coated with drywall compound and painted to save some money, but decided that time was of the essence and that we needed to get it done fast.

After perusing the samples at Lowe's, we decided on an Olive green. Here is the first coat, wet. It looks like a green pepper instead of an olive... but the first dry spots are about 5 shades lighter and much more olive.


It doesn't look that great yet, since the first coat is put on messy. We're planning to finish it up tomorrow... and then add trim. Let's hope it turns out well!


modernemama said...

Can't wait for the finished look

Tommy said...

It's looking' good. Keep er' up!

Green Fairy said...

Every time I've used Venetian Plaster I go through a "WTF did we do" moment; it never looks good--or close to the color we expected--until the last step. Are you going to seal coat it? The only room we did that in is the bathroom, because of the moisture. Otherwise, we just left it sanded/burnished in the other rooms. I love the results on our lumpy plaster and lathe walls.

Wendy said...

Oh, I need to see pics of how this turns out. I'm thinking we should try this in our daughter's room cause the walls were really crappily finished (lots of tape lines showing through the paint). Does it cover up that sort of thing?

I have NO idea how it's done, though. Time for a little google adventure, I think.

Jayne said...

Wow, I've wanted to try Venetian plaster but don't have the courage. I'll be waiting to see how yours turns out!

Onlinehandyman said...

Hi Jennifer,

I give you a lot of credit for going with Venetian Plaster. I don't think I would have done that myself - it really is a skill that takes years of practice to perfect. Also, I think you would have been quicker had you skim coated with dry wall compound and then painted. Venetian Plaster also takes quite a few hours to apply.

I am pulling for you and am interested in seeing and hope it turns out well.


Di said...

Don't stress too much about the appraisal. When ours came in December, we had a dropcloth over the partially sanded stairs, no doors hung upstairs, and the office was in a complete state of chaos (cracked, bare plaster walls, stripped-but-unrefinished floor, a gaping hole in the wall where the future closet door would be). Not only did our house appraise higher than it did when we bought it, but she complimented us on all the work we've been doing. Best of luck, and I hope you get as cool of an appraiser as we did!