Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Best Laid Plans... (Backyard Plans)

Here are our two sketched backyard plans. They aren't completely to scale... we realized that the backyard is considerably shorter in the second plan. The width is right, as is the garage, and general size and location of the patio. The trees are marked with "A" (Ash), "S" (Spruce), "A" (Apple), "E" (Elm), "T" (Tree). North is at the top of the page, as standard, the house is at the bottom of the page. Right now, all of the stone has moved to the area inside the curved line along the fence on the west. Constants between the two plans are likely permanent, or already constructed features.

Here is the FIRST plan:

Here is our SECOND plan:

Plan Two didn't have as much care put into drawing or labeling. Pity the second child.

We are leaning towards plan TWO, as in retrospect I feel the veggie gardens (VG) will do better on the eastern side of the yard. Any thoughts?


modernemama said...

Which side gets more sun? That's where I'd put the veggies - and you cam grow annuals like marigolds in with tomatoes and peppers, too.
(I think I fixed the link to the Baycrest post - remember no food in mouth while looking at the taxes!)

Bill and Jenny said...

I really enjoy your house blog. You've inspired me to start my own. I wanted to tell you that my backyard is (currently) soooo similar to yours. I have a huge silver maple tree exactly where your ash tree is. I have an Ash tree where your elm is. I'm constantly fighting leaves, seedlings, limbs, and tree roots. My neighbors yards have mature hardwood trees surrounding my back yard as well. I'm planning to (in the future) remove the two trees I have. I'll probably be replacing these two giants with a few small to medium native flowering varieties (ex. dogwoods, redbuds, witch hazel, etc.). I like your designs. Take your time to develope your plan and stick with it. Check out craigslist for local/ind. plant sales. You will want to give your garden the best sunny location possible. I can't wait to see the results! Bill

Robj98168 said...

I like the veggie garden layout in plan 1, but I really like the deck, etc in plan2. If I were picking, I would have to go with 2

Jennifer said...

Modernemama~ I think the east side gets more sun... that's why I'm leaning towards the second plan. Sadly, there isn't a LOT of sun in our backyard... but I think there is just enough.

Bill and Jenny~ Thanks for stopping by! I'd encourage you to KEEP your trees... we had ours pruned professionally a few years ago, and everyone who comes into teh yard now raves about our trees, and how nice and cool and private it is back there.

Rob~ The deck, etc, SHOULD and could be the same in both plans... I'll have to look at what I drew differently there to see what you mean. I do like the veggie garden placement in plan 1 better, too, but in retrospect I think it MIGHT be too shady for a garden. It's hard to find anywhere for a garden in my yard, though!

Kristin said...

I like the composition on the second one best.
I might find myself in a similar situation very soon, and was flummoxed at the thought of how to get a garden to be a garden - your idea to plan out like this is one I will adopt.