Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Look at Our Bathroom NOW!

Our bathroom is finally not an embarrassing room! Here is the bathroom after installing the new trim:



We used Valspar Faux Venetian Plaster in Olive on the walls, Minwax Red Mahongany water based wood stain on the pine 1x6 trim, and Minwax Tung Oil finish on the trim.

There is more to be done; the water heater closet needs a door, and the doors need trim around them. Plus, I would LOVE to replace the flimsy stand alone cabinets on either side of the vanity with one or two true built ins. And, finally, the popcorn ceiling NEEDS to go. However, it looks finished enough now!


Green Fairy said...

It looks TERRIFIC! I'm inspired to get our bathroom done now. Or torch it. We only have the one, and it's embarrassing to have people use it.

Nice job with the plaster!

Jen said...

Looks awesome!

pedalpower said...

wow...it looks great!

Robj98168 said...

WOW! it looks like one of those High End bathrooms you see on HGTV! Very impressive!

Elizabeth said...

Wow! You did a great job! I know how it feel to have a bathroom you can't stand to a bathroom you really enjoy. Great work!

Amalie said...

WOW! So gorgeous. Very magazine photo-spread worthy while still being cozy :-)

Pat yourself on the back.