Saturday, March 1, 2008

Bamboo Window Shades

I installed a few bamboo window shades in our kitchen and living room today. It's amazing what nice window coverings will do for a room.



The living room after:

The curtains ended up VERY purple in the picture... they are actually the same color as the kitchen walls. That's what using the backlight function on your camera will do for color, I guess.

If you have never installed bamboo shades before, it is extremely easy: they hang from two hooks you screw into the upper part of your window frame. Simply hold the shade in place to mark the holes, drill two small holes, screw in the hooks, and hand the shade.

We are excited to use them this summer to keep our house more cool (by keeping the sun out).


minhus said...

The new bamboo blinds looks great. It's amazing what a big difference they make in your kitchen!

blog said...

Hi. Saw in a post you made somewhere else (can't remember where, sorry) that you are venting your clothes dryer inside your home. OH, NO! Very, very dangerous source of carbon monoxide. Please consult with your local appliance repair people and fire dept.

Please be safe.

Good luck!

Sandy said...

The bamboo blinds look really nice!

Jennifer said...

blog~ We aren't venting our dryer inside... we have knocked it lose a couple times accidentally, but are not venting inside.

You can actually buy a filter to allow the moisture and heat to pass inside and the rest to pass outside.. I may insvestigate it next winter. You can buy it at Lowes and such.

Fred said...

Jennifer... very nice bamboo shades! I like the pot rack too -- and it makes me miss our old pot rack even more :-( We were recently discussing how to modify the kitchen to accomodate a pot rack. Unfortunately, we've short ceilings (7.5') which are great for energy, but bad for hanging things....

(and you've got before and after pics!!! You could link in over at OPC for before and after. ok, enough of my shameless plugs!)

Also - you've just educated me that you can recover dryer heat back into the house -- very neat idea! And, I would think that venting a dryer inside is only a carbon monoxide risk if it's gas.

Larry said...

Hello Jennifer!

Hey - great minds (or is that warped minds) must think alike. We are going to add a pot rack to the kitchen and it looks like you collect cutting boards also.

We are doing something a little unorthodox in regard to our pot rack. We found an old, wooden ladder in a trash heap. It's going to be cut down to about 3', lightly sanded, shellacked, and then hung up.

Jennifer said...

Larry~ That sounds like a REALLY neat pot rack! Almost makes me wish we didn't already have a mass produced cheapy from Christmas a few years ago... what you are doing will be VERY cool.

The cutting board is from our honeymoon in Costa's a whole bunch of different rainforest woods (all farmed in this case) laminated together. I want a few more really cool ones to display, too... our boring bamboo one gets to live on the other counter.