Thursday, February 28, 2008

You Make My Day!

I've been very busy over here at the Tiny Old House this week with the things that keep my home improving funded... so busy that I didn't see Paul at the Homeowner's Blog had mentioned us as a favorite read. Thanks Paul! It's nice to feel I'm not blathering away in cyberspace to no one.

I thought I would pass on the favor by listing a few of the blogs I read in detail. Please check these out, as well as those in my blogroll on the side of my blog.

Chile Chews
Battles with Colossal Cauliflower, life changing challenges, and recipes for chocolate truffles... what more could one want? Throw in insightful musings and advice on sustainable and simple living and a great sense of humor, mix with a hand cranked blender, and drink with breakfast every morning.

Green Bean Dreams
What could be better than dreams of fresh crunchy green beans out of the garden? Planting them. Or at least reading about it and dreaming! Green Bean writes great essays and contemplations on things that affect our everyday lives, from the wonderful benefits of silence to the world of Elmo.

Our Tiny Oak Park Bungalow

A morning dose of bungalow glory! Complete with furniture making adventures, picture rails (drool), and some great ideas on simple living!

This Old (Crack) House
Frankenstein lights, cement sinks, and doors that didn't close- oh my! What a fabulous house (and blog).

One Project Closer

Check out One Project Closer. Reviews of all sorts of home improvement tools and materials, from CFL's to quality paints and used tools.

819 Ohio

Come for the pastries, stay for the great decorating and useful tips!

A Bungalow Transformation

I want this house. Seriously. And it's been so fascinating to watch it transform. Plus, I like to steal their ideas and post names. :)

Delano Bungalow
They may in fact own the heaviest door... and great tips for odd additions.

Oh, Bungalow
I love their patio. LOVE it! And their bathroom is just so full of character.

What could be better than taking a nice walk? Walking through ThirteenEleven's neighborhood!

I read so many every day... I had a hard time coming up with just a few! I know I forgot some that I read, too. I'll try to do a blogroll post every once in a while so I can catch them all!


Jenni said...

Thanks for the honorable mention!

Marilyn said...

Thanks - you frequently make the day better, too.

Paul said...


I realized I posted my post and forgot to tell you. Thanks for being observant and catching my mistake! I enjoy your stories.

Chile said...

Thanks for the shout-out! It's nice to know folks appreciate my eclectic mix of subjects. (Really I'm just scatterbrained, but don't tell anybody!)

The Martineaus said...

Thanks for the BONUS recognition Jennifer. And you are welcome to be inspired by us (and our post names) anytime!

Amalie said...

Aw! Just saw this-- thanks!