Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Study Lights... YES or NO?

I fell in love with this light (and the price) on Oh, Bungalow a month ago... and then I vowed to Trim the Fat and not spend money on such frivolities in February. It's March now, and the study lights were killing me.

I wrestled with hanging first one (in my husband's study) for most of the afternoon... and now I'm not so sure I like it. It seems a little big. Or hangy. Or something.


That will show ME to go spend money. Back to no money spending... a renewal of vows.

Though, I actually have designs on it for the living room ... there is an ugly nipple lamp there that we were not going to replace, since it's not completely offensive:


Maybe the nipple lamp will work better in the office. The new light will definitely look better in the living room.

What do you think?


Fred said...

You called it a "nipple lamp"!!! We call those the same thing at our house -- neither kim nor I are fans of them, and we didn't know anyone else used such terminology!

I do see what you mean about the other light hanging a bit low. I looked extensively for lamps to match the style of ones in our dining room and found it very hard to find a lamp that didn't "intrude" on the living space. Its hard to tell from your picture how much it is coming down on you... but I would suggest leaving it up for a week and seeing if you feel the same way. Sometimes, right after change, I *really* don't like something - like the brown in our dining room -- but then, I really loved it after the room was put together. Maybe the lamp will grow on you?

Jen said...

I agree with Fred's suggestion to leave it for a week and see. I think it looks nice, but I can imagine if you had something else it might look hangy.

p.s. I don't *use* the term, but I think of them as nipple lamps, too. I was corrupted by someone in my college dorm and now can't get the image out of my head.

Amalie said...

I like Fred's suggestion, too...And it is hard to tell how "hangy" it is, without being able to see the floor in the picture or walk around amongst it. A few days of living with it might give you a good sense.

And I'm glad you posted about this-- we haven't hung our light yet, so now I'll know what to expect. You're our guinea pig!

(calling them nipple or boob lights makes everyone giggle, every time.)

PlantingOaks said...

I don't know about 'hangy' but it does look a little large for the space, at least from the angle shown. I'm not sure if living with it for a week is going to change that. If you have another (larger) room where it could go well, I'd just move it. It is a nice lamp.

Housegirrl said...

Ha! I call it my breast light and have one that looks almost the same (Home Depot?) in my kitchen. Not my fave, but super cheap. I did find a kind of cool light for my study that you might like--less "hangy" than the one you have. It was $20 at--you guessed it--Home Depot. I'm glad to have found your blog!

Skymosher said...


They called nipple lights in my house too. The flippers used them all over the freaking house, and put a pair in the mud room off the kitchen. They really do look like a bosom. A friend has suggested that I paint a bra around them.