Sunday, March 30, 2008

Some Interesting Ideas (A Home Visit)

We went to visit my parents this past week. They live up in Montana in an early 80's ranch that they are currently remodeling with vigor. In addition, they are creating a very low impact lifestyle with their changes. Here's some of the unique ideas they have used in their house:

It is solid maple hardwood flooring, hand dyed in primary colors and installed in a random pattern.

Bathroom Vanity/Sink:
As you can see, the bathroom is not completely finished, but the sink and vanity are completed. They have taken an old writing desk and inserted the sink into it. They are very environmentally conscious, and so are draining the sink into a copper pail beneath instead of into the sewer line.

Kitchen Storage:
No cabinets in this kitchen... everything is displayed artistically on iron racks, wall shelves, and hooks.

What are they doing to create a low-impact lifestyle?
  • Composting all food and paper scraps
  • Growing their own food and eating vegan
  • Using the sun to heat their greenhouse
  • Dropping the heat at night and using hot water bottles
  • Recycling all greywater into plant water
  • Line drying all laundry
  • Walking to the grocery store; only one car for the family
  • Not using a microwave or refrigerator


modernemama said...

love that floor - it's very reminiscent of the Jim Lambie vinyl tape art ZOBOP! from the MoMA Color Chart exhibition.

Ethan said...

I like the sink... but what is the yellow bowl thingy? I read something about greywater and maybe your folks would be interested. Basically you take used water from the sink and use that for flushing the toilet. Just another way to conserve water.

Jenni said...

Love the colorful floor, too.
No frige, even in the summer?

I like line dried sheets. So crisp, and fresh smelling.

Oh... make sure you take a look at the post....."Thanks Sandy". there is a little something left there for ya...

Hope you had a great visit.

Green Fairy said...

I love the floor! I was trying to describe to the mom and fiance how multicolored floors can work. Here's he proof!

Larry said...

That floor would be hard to look at with a hang-over....

When you get the chance, hop on over to my blog, I have something for you there.

handyman said...

gotta hand it to your folks. the place looks great and the effort at conservation living is honorable.

sorry to hear about your hand. keep up the good work and thanks for stopping by my blog on buildersshare.


LBTudor said...

Curious about the no fridge idea. I suppose if you are vegan you can do it.

But where will you put the tofutti cutie ice cream sandwiches?

Chile said...

The bathroom sink looks like a thrown pottery bowl with pretty glaze on it. That's what we put in a house we had years ago.

I love the kitchen rack for all the dishes. Wouldn't work well here because things get dusty overnight. One of the joys of desert living...

Anonymous said...

I am envious! What a beautiful home!