Monday, February 4, 2008

Sparkly Door Hinges and Steel Wool

This is a hinge from my mahogany doors:
It has a small amount of white paint on it, and is lightly rusted on the exposed parts due to its brief stay out in the elements at the salvage store.

These are the hinges after chipping the paint off with a screwdriver and thoroughly polishing them with WD-40 and 00 steel wool:

The WD-40 and steel wool did a marvelous job of gently removing the surface rust. It took about 5 minutes of careful polishing and scrubbing on each hinge to remove the rust.

Next up: An attempted door installation


Kimberley said...

Beautiful! Isn't it amazing how, with just a little time and effort, old things can be restored to their former glory? Why on earth would anyone buy it new?

Congrats on getting your gate hung, too ;)

Fred said...

Absolutely beautiful restoration! Good tip for restoring metal parts, too. Good luck on the doors.

One Project Closer

Bungalow Monster said...

These little projects are great! A lot of reward for relatively little time spent... and you saved some cash and a trip to the hardware! Great place by the way!!

Teresa said...

Great job. I found a bunch of old hinges, but they don't fit new, modern doors. Besides, we had way too many to put in. Thanks for reading my blog, btw. I will watch yours with interest, also.

LisaZ said...

We do this, too! And they look great. After polishing them up, my husband sprays them with some kind of clear coating that keeps them shiny. I don't know what it is, probably fairly toxic, but it sure looks nice.

Great job! Lisa

Anonymous said...

you can also boil them with a little baking soda for several hours and it will loosen the paint. less scraping = good times!