Sunday, February 3, 2008

A Fence Gate

Last summer, we put up a fence. Today, we installed the thing that holds the double wide gate closed. It takes us a while to finish projects around here- it took us 6 months to complete a task that took us 10 minutes when we actually sat down to do it.


We had previously drilled the hole in the cement with a hammer drill and a 1 inch masonry drill bit. Today, we installed the post and brackets. First, we installed the top bracket, which is what will hold the post up to allow the gate to swing. Then, we carefully balanced the post on the top bracket, lined it up with the hole, and slid the other two brackets into place to mark their position.

Cost: $12 (6 months ago... this doesn't count in my February challenge)


Amalie said...

Doesn't it feel good to see it all set up? The fence was one of the first things we actually completed-- we really needed to see something built up, what with all the tearing down we were doing!

Looks good!

Jen said...

Yeah!!! We have soooo many of those project around here. I bet it feels great to mark one off the list!


I know what you mean about projects that take a while to complete. I've got a few of those around our place, too. Good luck with your tiny old house! I enjoyed reading about your projects. -Julia K