Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Little Bit of Life in Winter

What a cold week it has been. BRRRR.

I tried to banish just a little bit of the cold with an herb kit my sister gave me for my birthday. Doesn't it look cute on the windowsill?


I can't wait for some fresh herbs to take away the winter blahs.


Jen said...

Hope you had a wonderful birthday. Fresh herbs certainly will help with the winter blues.

minhus said...

I'm dying to see anything green around here, but herbs are great, pretty and tasty!

Fred said...

Cute! And the fact that you can eat them makes them even better. You'll have to post pictures periodically.

LisaZ said...

Hi! I found your blog from your comments today on Crunchy Chicken's site. I related to your story because my husband is a public school music teacher and I am not a music teacher but work PT at a food co-op making just a little money.

I love your tiny old house and your renovations! We are now in our 3rd old house and our kids are 8 and 10, but our 2nd house was tiny and similar to yours. We felt we had to move from the 1 and 1/2 bedroom house as the kids got older and "needed" their own rooms as they are a boy and a girl. Our current house is bigger and nicer but still small-ish compared to most of our other "professional" friends (all of whom make more money because they're not public school teachers! For a time this bugged me but not anymore. We're happy!)

Anyways, nice to read your blog.

Lisa in Minnesota

LisaZ said...

Gosh, now that I've looked at more of your blog, I realize your house is a lot like our last house. It was also built in 1911, but we are in Central Minnesota not Colorado. Our house was built of cement blocks so was very sturdy but cold. The inside was in slightly better shape than yours appears because the people before us did some renovations (which was all ugly so we redid everything they did but still they did take care of some of the worst of messes, I think.)

What is the story of your little house? It looks like it really needs your love! Good luck and if you have any questions, feel free to email my husband! He's very handy. I admire you for doing so much of the work. In our home, I have the ideas but my husband does most of the handy work. He's just so much better at it!

Lisa in MN

Fred said...


I hate to leave an unrelated comment on this post but have no other good way to contact you.

Would you like to trade links?

One Project Closer

Amalie said...

Ack! I meant to post that info!! The light came from Home Depot. It's not on their website at all, and I think it's part of a line of "easy install" lights-- like maybe they all have the same base that wires into the system, but then if you want a chandelier instead, you just unhook the base and hook on the chandelier...? I dunno, I didn't look that hard. But I thought it was a sweet deal.

Fred said...

Jennifer, I added a link here to One Project Closer. Looking forward to seeing my name in lights soon :-)

Take care,

Aimee said...

So cute! And happy belated birthday as well. I hope your little herbs survive the "freeze yer buns" challenge. :)

Jen & Stan said...

Hello Jennifer!
One of the things my family desires is to have a decent garden area in our new house. We too have started our gardening - green peppers & hot peppers both need to be started indoors. We're going to start our parsley now too. Hopefully in 8 weeks the 16" of snow we just got has melted away and allowed the ground to warm up a bit.

Thanks also for visiting our blog. I imagine over the next few years we will have plenty of pictures tracking our progress!