Friday, January 25, 2008

Bathroom Color?

Remember my can of miss tinted paint?


I painted some sample swatches on the walls:

It's hard to see it with the ugly blue wall color that is there now.


Does it match my baskets? I want to keep my baskets (though I plan on getting rid of the over-the-toilet hutch and using wall shelves instead).


It seems to match the slate floors well.

I think we will keep it. We can always try another color!


Anonymous said...

I love Oops Paint! I painted most of our first home with it!:)

The color you got looks great!


Green Bean said...

Nice to see what you were talking about. Way to reuse your paint. :) Chile and the Re-Think It girls would be proud.

Dawn said...

Oh we painted a bathroom in our old house the same shade and I loved it! Very rich and easy to decorate with! Go for it!