Monday, January 7, 2008

Look What Was Under OUR Tree!

Our wonderful families gave us some great new tools for Christmas:

A Brill Luxus 38 Push Mower

I am very excited to mow our lawn this summer WITHOUT the use of gasoline! This should be just perfect for our little patch of front lawn, and for the small (and hard to reach) patches we plan to plant in the backyard. No toxic fumes, no fossil fuels. LOTS of exercise!

A Craftsman Toolbox
Finally, our tools have a home that is not an old shoebox! They are all organized, too. Any guesses on how long that will last?

A Black and Decker Crossfire Auto Level Laser

What fun! It "marks" a level and plumb line on the wall with a laser beam. Now we can easily check how far off our cabinets are. This will be awesome for building the wall in our bedroom/laundry room.

A Makita 18V 1/2" LXT Lithium-Ion Hammer Driver-Drill Kit
Energy Star rating and everything! I am SO excited to play with this. On first look, it has a light, an electric brake to stop the drill immediately when you release the trigger, a clutch, 3 speeds and 3 settings, and more! Plus, it makes a really great "vrt vrt" sound.

A Ryobi 10" Compound Miter Saw
Just what we need for the flooring and trim work! I've been drooling over one while watching all of the home improvement shows on TLC and HGTV on business trips.

A medley of other hand tools, including wood chisels, wrenches, screwdrivers, and pliers. We've been using a Leatherman multi-tool for most applications for the past year... and now we don't have to!



B said...

Yay! I love the push mower we got this summer- it's so quiet, and a great workout. You must have been a good girl this year!

Aimee said...

Santa loves you!! :) Some great stuff for sure. Just be sure that you keep up on your mowing with the push mower. We got one after our gas mower died, and sadly the grass was super long. The push mower works great though once the grass is short... and it's so nice not to have gas and fumes. :)

chris and sarah said...

Ive been a Nike wearer for a long time. Theyve been the best shoe for me due to my narrow feet. Then I went to a running store and they analyzed my feet. I tried on these Mizunos, and trumpets blared from the heavens when they first cradled my feet. i LOVE my Mizunos. I will never wear anything else...well, Running anyways.

The push mower looks VERY fun. It looks like you have SO much snow there. Weve had a little here in Cincinnati, but none to write home about. Dont you just LOVE power tools?

Sandy said...

I still can't use a gas-powered mower. Love the old-fashioned push mower!

minhus said...

I'm jealous of your push mower. Let us know how it goes with it!

I totally want one but people scare me with the "it's so hard you won't be able to stand it" crap.

Kate H. said...

O! M! G.!! You hit the blinking jackpot!

Have fun, have fun with all those lovely toys.

Skymosher said...

Wow! You have some fantastic friends and relatives. What wonderful toys.

I look forward to reports on teh mower - I've been thinking about one for myself.

kitliz said...

Oh my god, it's like you just opened up my garage door. I have the same Ryobi miter saw... (second favorite tool in my collection) and a reel mower which I bought when I first moved into my house. It is the ONLY way to mow grass!

Good haul this year for you, I only got one tool for Christmas :)

Amalie said...

Shiny, indeed! We got a laser level, too; it's not quite as fancy as yours, but exciting nonetheless. Now, if we could just find a level surface to use it on...

Oh, and I heart Makita. I've been using my dad's ooold super basic cordless drill and it is my new best friend. It uses the stick shaped batteries and is so small and so lightweight. That company can do no wrong for me!