Wednesday, August 13, 2008

We're Back!

Did you forget about me? Well don't worry... we are back in the Tiny Old House, after a conference, a piano training, and a couple summer camps. Oh, and a little recovery time from all of that!


• The house hasn't fallen down yet. We are still waiting on the second bid; we should have it in the next day or two. We'll likely hire out the stable-izing.

• Our puppy has a growth on his front pinky toe; it's being removed tomorrow, and has a fairly high possibility of being cancerous. A week for the biopsy results, and we'll know what we are dealing with. He's only two; he has a lot of life left, so here's hoping it's benign.

• Our apple trees are full of nice large apples, due to the watering we did all summer. Now, if the squirrels would just stop picking them, taking a bite, and throwing them down, we might have apple pies this year! They are starting to turn red... we'll know in a month or so.

• I have new eyeglasses. Two pairs, because two was cheaper than one. And, I finally figured out why glasses always look huge on my face... I've been shopping in the wrong section! Once a salesperson steered me over to Children's, I quickly found 4 pairs that looked great. Plus, children's glasses come with a free upgrade to unbreakable lenses. Here's to seeing!

More coming!


NV said...

Welcome back! Wondered how things were coming. Hope all will be well with your pup.

modernemama said...

Sounds like you hit the ground running! Hope all goes well with puppy. We've been dealing with Sadie's tumors and cysts all summer - so far all benign - another one will be checked out tomorrow.

Why S? said...

We missed you. Good luck with the puppy. About the glasses, it sounds like you have delicate features. I used to work with eyewear so I wonder why no optician or optical professional ever guided you correctly before? Fortunately, eyewear designs for kids have come a long way recently, so you're in luck. I have a head like Yoda, so nothing fits me.

Jayne said...

Welcome back! Sure hope the puppy's okay--dogs do become our furry babies, don't they? I know just what you mean about the apples. When I lived in the country & had a big garden, we'd find dozens of strawberries on the ground with just one bite out of them. If only they'd eat one whole one & leave the rest alone!

Green Fairy said...

I'm sending positive thoughts your way, and hope the puppy's okay.

Jennifer said...

Thanks all! The pup goes in today for surgery. I'll let you know how it goes.

Why S?~ I'm pretty young... and haven't bought glasses in 5 or 6 years since I was a college senior. They probably thought they would insult that college kid if they showed her kid glasses!

Jayne~ Yeah, it's frustrating! Why can't they just eat what they pick? My dogs eat all of the ones they throw down... well, they TRY to eat all the ones they throw down.