Thursday, August 14, 2008

Red Brick Victorian Houses in Denver

While I was away, I found myself in a fabulous Denver neighborhood full of brick Victorian houses. Most are much grander than ours, but they gave us some great ideas for paint colors to match our red brick cottage.

Here are a few of our favorites:






I really like the first one and the fourth one the best. Here's the house mocked up:


We're still playing with paint ideas; here's one more:


sarah said...

#1 has the best contrast/makes the trim stand out - I love it!

ROXY said...

Oh Jennifer, you and your pooch are in my prayers!! I am sending lots of positive thoughts your way:) Please let me know how everything turns out!! We won't hear back about Oreo for a week they said.

Jayne said...

Of the Denver photos, I like #1 and #2 the best. I've already changed my mind on my house colors from the ones that were approved by the Historic Preservation Commission. Still in the same color family, though. How does anyone ever make up their mind??

Jenne said...

I used to live in Denver :) Was this near Broadway? Or Wash Park?
Denver is home to a famous building/house color consulting company...
I like to look at their site for inspiration.

Stephanie said...

I looooove #1! :-)

Jenny said...

Hi my name is Helen, I live in Queensland Australia. I am selling my 'workers cottage' to have a little red brick cottage built.
It will look a lot like yours on the outside. I am having cedar french doors at the front and one at the back directly from the kitchen to an outside eating area.
(That's the plan anyway)
I too have a caravan that I did up as a 'gypsy wagon' (on the inside).
We have a lot in common, I love anything with character and love renovating. I make glass beads and ribbon flowers and dress dolls in masquerade costumes. I just love making something from nothing.
I toured the US in 1982/83 and Denver just took my breath away. We stayed not far from Pikes Peak in one of the lovely old Victorian houses.
Could I put some pics up of my house? (any my dog?)
I painted and redecorated it myself. (The house).

I love your blog.
Regards, Helen Graham