Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Shameless Plug...

for a dear family member's new website. She is an artist specializing in fine art and crafts using multicultural imagery, including paintings, drawings, mixed media, sculpture, Kachina ornaments, beadwork, and fetishes. She also works with book design, typesetting, and composition.

Pica² Graphics and Studio

Barbara's multicultural art works are primarily interpretations of zoomorphic or transcendental beings, often combined with hidden scientific or mathematical elements. She cultivates a fascination with the mechanics of visual patterns and how they interact, develop, and repeat themselves through all cultures throughout the ages. This fanciful unification of cultural imagery is not intended to be authentic or faithful to any specific culture or discipline. They are an amalgam of visual experiences.

Go take a look!

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Green Fairy said...

I clicked through to the site--lovely work!