Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Blowing in the Wind

I'm not... but a few huge windmills on the Colorado/Wyoming border are, and the electricity they are producing is making its way to my city!

Thanks to a little post on switching to alternative energy, I discovered that my city DOES in fact allow you to purchase wind energy. I looked for it (and found nothing) when we moved in, since we had bought wind power in college. It pays to check back every once in a while!

Switching to wind (or whatever alternative energies are available in your area) is an easy and fairly cheap way to reduce your carbon footprint a little. It's going to cost us an extra $4.50 a month, and we feel it is money well spent.

If you want to find out more information about signing up for alternative energies, visit the Department of Energy's website on such things. It's a great site and loaded with information. It even lets you know WHICH alternative energy (wind, solar, hydro, nuclear) is available in your area so you can make even better choices!


Hallie&Joe said...

This is super helpful I'm going to switch for sure!

Kristy said...

That's great news. I wrote about something similiar on my blog too sometime last week. http://stlouisfolkvictorian.blogspot.com/2008/07/pure-people-using-renewable-energy.html

Nice to know that all across the country people are doing things for the betterment of the future.