Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Window Trim Up...

The window trim is up and caulked. It's amazing how much better it looks even painted white! Without the trim, the windows looked like sunken eye sockets.


It was harder than expected to nail the trim in. It would have been much easier with a nail gun, but we are cheap and muscled through with 20 ounce hammers and 6D finish nails. Also, I learned how much I hate caulk AND sticky fingers. The only way to tool the caulk against the very uneven brick was to use a finger; this felt like scraping down concrete with my fingertip all day. It's still raw.

Painting, and caulking between the trim and storm with temporary, removable caulk is next. I'll be painting the trim white, as next spring, we'll take down all the storms, rehab the windows, put decorative molding on top of the trim, replace the storms, and paint! Still no decision on paint colors, though that might be decided soon when we paint the new front door!


Todd said...

Great job so far. Remodeling an old home is so much harder than working with new homes!

Any chance you might want to exchange links?

Why S? said...

You can forgo the nail gun because you're still young. My husband thought he could without one too, but then gave in and it's really saved him some physical stress.

It's great to see the progress you're making. I look forward to see what happens in the spring. Sorry about your fingertips though.

goddessof4 said...

Looks good!!!! We just bought a nail gun to work on our basement.It was half way done before hubby broke down and bought one!!!! LOL!!!!!

Larry said...

Jennifer -

This is Larry over at Simpson's Folly.

Would you e-mail me? I have a problem I need your help on. Send to
correus @ yahoo.com

Amalie said...

I guess you don't already have a compressor? We inherited my father's and his finish nailer; but we ended up buying a brad/staple nailer combo for about $20 at Harbor Freight that has saved my life. The big nailer is just too heavy for my puny little arms. I can't imagine having done several projects with anything else. Anywho, my point is that they can be affordable if you already have the compressor (and I saw some pretty good sales on those this holiday season, too), and they totally pay for themselves in avoided agony. :-)