Monday, November 24, 2008

Window Gaps, or HOW DID I NOT SEE THIS?

We've been installing the exterior window trim this week, and so have been paying a lot of up close and personal attention to the windows. While working on the kitchen window (a window that we have never opened and that is partially blocked by a kitchen cart), I noticed something peculiar:

Yes, that IS a half inch wide gap between the sashes. And yes, it is there even when the lock is turned. And yes, I could feel the cold air rushing out of it into our kitchen, even on a 50 degree day! What in the world is it doing there?

A better look at the sash lock:

The top part has been mortised into the top sash at a diagonal. How odd! It almost appears that the entire bottom of the top sash is a replacement in the wrong size... but why?

I stuffed some of that foam insulation tubing into the gap; any better ideas for winter? And.. what in the world should I do about that window in the long run? My goals are to rehab the windows... but this particular window is throwing quite a curve on many levels. (We discovered today that the frame is rotting in places; the bottom sash has metal squares bolted onto it for stability, so it is obviously a little unsound there; and no this!).


B.Williams said...

I got out this weekend and closed all the storm windows and resealed them. It made a solid 10 degree difference in the house. Especially in the breakfast nook that has wrap around windows. But before I did this, I checked the windows and they were blowing in so much cold air that they might as well have been open. I would suggest a storm window, they run about $60 at the home centers. At least until you get your windows refurbed.

Jennifer said...

B. Williams~ sounds like you did a lot this weekend! This window has a storm on it... never opened. It's just a crappy aluminum triple track, though!

alan herrell - the head lemur said...


It looks like that window has been rebuilt at least once. The bottom sash does not share the side detail, as well as being square at the top.
It looks the same on the top of the window as well.

Since you have a storm on the outside, the air is probably coming out of the pully/sash box opening.

This is a location for that 3M plastic with foam tape that you shrink with a hair dryer for this year.
This is a replacement deal for sure. sigh....

Jayne said...

I was gonna say the same thing as Alan--shrink-wrap that entire window, putting the tape on the outside edge of the window trim so the whole thing's encased. That's what I did with my bathroom window, which has no storm window, and so far this year I've used the space heater in the bathroom once--and there's no HVAC in there.

Marilyn said...

Well, you don't necessarily have to replace the sash. Next summer take a real good look at your other windows to see how this one differs. You can probably "remanufacture" it to make it fit together. It will probably involve sistering a piece onto that upper frame to fill in the gap.