Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More Stone Beds

Three more stone garden beds, in a neat row (you can see the EVIL bush poking up over the fence- what IS it?):

The dogs knocked over a stone on the last one by playing body-slam tag into the wall right before I took the picture; I hadn't filled the cracks with stones chips yet. Funny pups never even blinked! I'll assume that the stone wasn't a good match for that spot, and replace it with another. The beds are generally steady and firm; filling with dirt/compost/manure will help their stability as well. I wouldn't recommend stacking these stones THREE deep in a single stone wide wall.

Each bed is approximately 4 feet wide, and 8 feet long, with a 2 foot path between each and along the fence. I ran out of newspaper, and so only covered the edges of the beds; I will fill in with massive quantities of newspaper later to smoother the grass poking up in the middle of each. One more bed to go!


denise said...

I tried to figure out what that weed is too, but no luck. I'm dying to know myself!

Veggie beds look cool. The newspaper that we used to cover up our lawn last summer is still doing a great job of keeping (most) of the weeds out. (Yeah, we haven't gotten around to planting anything there yet; it's still dirt.)

sarah said...

Those beds look super - great use of your stone resources.

Karen in Wichita said...

You might try joining and asking there... they have an ID-your-plant function, plus you get to track your plantings and stuff, which is kinda nifty.

I'm KarenInWichita there, unsurprisingly, and I gotta get in and update my own stuff... I have six beds (five wooden frames, one unframed "lasagna" for next year) now, though I haven't been spamming the blog with quite so much garden stuff as I did last year. I'll have to mention it again, since I just got me an old gate with double-loop wire fencing in it from the neighborhood cleanup. It'll serve as garden trellis for now, and perhaps as a gate again when we redo the fence.

Chile said...

Body slam tag - LOL! Polie loves to run but Angel not so much. She stands in place and he leaps over her, spins, and tries to get her going. Good thing our yard looks like crap already because he's trashing it.

Your stone paths look lovely.