Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Any Idea What THIS Evil Plant Is?

This plant/bush/vine has been terrorizing me for 5 years. It seemed innocuous enough when we moved in, just a nice bush with small pinky purple flowers drifting over the neighbor's fence. Then, it started to take over the yard.

You can see a bit of it coming over the neighbor's fence in yesterday's pictures... and here's a few old ones of it at it's finest:
(complete with garter snake and small purple flower)
(complete with fuzzy puppy who is stalking the garter snake).

The growth you can see appears to be second year growth... the first year's growth appears to be non-woody and have much larger leaves. The bush has runner type roots. I can pull or dig a plant up as far as I can, but I won't have gotten it all. A few weeks ago, I went all out and clipped EVERY bushlet in my yard down and painted each remained stumplet with stump killer. Last week, those stumplets were covered in new green growth.

Save me from the bush!

What is this plant?


Debbie said...

I did a google search, couldn't find it.

When I first moved into this rental a year ago, there were at least 50 different types of weeds. I'd pull weeds for an hour every time before I mowed the lawn.

I cursed so much at the damn weeds and attacked them with my little shovel every week. I even meditated while pulling the little buggers.

All of a sudden, they were gone. Completely, not one weed.

Do evil thoughts kill weeds? Maybe it was my death-con glare. lol

StuccoHouse said...

Holy cow. If I saw a snake like that in my yard, I'd never leave the house :-) Can't help you with the bush.

Robj98168 said...

Snake! Snake! I hate snakes. I know that is a weed- does it stick to everything? If it does I have it too

Jennifer said...

Debbie~ Thanks! I did, too.. but to no avail. I'm hopeful that if I just keep on chopping this down it will die?

Stuccohouse~ It's just a little GARTER snake! :)

Rob~It doesn't... I know which weed you are talking about (not the name) and this isn't it. It is very much like a "nice" bush, except it isn't!

Garden Monkey said...

I've had good luck getting rid of Bucktorn by cutting it to the ground, spraying roundup on it, and the applying more roundup to any growth that appears. Fortunately roundup is non residual and will neutralize in soil. The same cannot be said about many other chemicals. Just keep the critters out of it for a day or so.

Good luck!