Thursday, March 19, 2009

Garden Work

Here's what my front flower gardens looked like all winter:

I went to work with a garden rake, a pair of bypass clippers, and a weeder, and after an hour or two the gardens looked like THIS:


Look at all the greenery poking up! I crunched up most of the leaves covering the beds over the winter, and mulched around with leave bits; this will allow the leaves to break down into nutrients faster, and it presents a neater appearance to the beds. I can't wait until it's time to get in there and start dividing up the older perennials!


Onlinehandyman said...

Yes, spring is really in the air! Good job on crushing those fallen leaves - they make great mulch.

Green Fairy said...

I spent my first afternoon in the garden since November. Can't believe how much I missed it!

sarah said...

Wow - I'm so jealous! We're still covered with snow & ice - but I'm hopeful that my snowdrops might poke up soon. At least the lilacs are just starting to bud. Happy spring!

Heather said...

Looking great! Our weeds are growing already and we have begun our yard work.