Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Year's Resolutions 2009- Home Edition

It's time for the Home Improvement Edition of New Year's Resolutions. Lots to do this year, and only one year to do it in! I'm sure you will notice a few repeats from last year... thus is life!

1) Refinance the House
Our ARM resets in August. Not much else to say! Look for some refinancing posts to help clear the murk around mortgages and similar.

2) Paint!
The exterior wood on our house needs new paint. Preferably in a color besides white!

3) Repair/Replace Porch
In addition to painting, our front porch needs some attention. We want to replace the rotting square columns with original style turned columns, replace a few rotten boards, and finish the porch ceiling.

4) Finish Bathroom
I mean it this year. I really mean it!

5) Flooring?
Perhaps I will see what is under the carpet and plywood...

6) Finish that Master Suite
The imaginary one that we've been dreaming about for YEARS. The one where we take the back room, and split it into a bedroom and bathroom/walk in closet/laundry. Oh, and where we get to sleep in a bedroom with walls and have a closet that isn't a cheap particle board stand-alone!

7) Tackle the Windows
The original wood windows are in serious need of repair. I'd like to reglaze at least a couple before next winter. Wish me luck!

Just like last year, I am sure that life will intervene and give us more important things to do... but we will start here!


modernemama said...

with you on 4/6. This year I really mean it!

Jayne said...

That is quite an ambitious list, but I have faith in you!

fred@opc said...

Will be interested in hearing how your refinance goes. We just learned our house is down about 7.5% off the price we paid, and that's after we've put in about $25K worth of upgrades... certainly a sad story. Fortunately, we bought this house with a good amount of equity, so we're still in the black.

We locked in at 5% fixed for 30 years about 4 days ago. Another friend got 4.75% (both of our loans are no points/no origination). hopefully you'll snag a real good deal.