Wednesday, December 5, 2007

More Bathroom Plans...

Our bathroom is coming together. We are a backwards sort of people, so we did the floor first. Here are more plans:

This window in the shower needs to go. It is rotting, and covered with a small piece of vinyl shower curtain. Definitely not attractive.

The plan?
To replace the window with glass blocks.

The problems?
The window is 24 inches wide. Glass blocks are 8 inches wide. If I put 3 blocks in the window, there is no room for mortar. Also, it is 35 inches tall. What should I use to fill the gap? Must research this further.

I HATE the tub surround tile. It is fake marble. FAKE, FAKE, FAKE. So fake that you can SEE the pixelation from the printer that created the pattern. Each tile is exactly the same, too.
Even WORSE than the fake marble tile is the accent tile. It is a baby blue/slate grey concoction that gives the appearance of being rope.
They do not match our bathroom at all.

The plan?
To carefully chip out the blue accent tile and replace it with slate tiles cut to fit. I'm trying to decide whether to do long pieces of slate or short (1 inch) pieces of slate.

Our bathroom needs more storage.

The plan?
I am going to build two extensions to the vanity that will fill in the area between the vanity and the wall. They sell cabinet doors for fairly cheap, so I will be able to match the existing doors.
I'm going to put marble countertops on top of the two units, to "match" the fake marble shower surround.
I want them to look different than the existing white counter, since they will never look like "part" of it.

Fourth through Seventh:
Replace the shower curtain and rod.
Finish the doors.
Finish the molding and trim.
Paint and texture.


chris and sarah said...

Well...The shower curtain is a nice touch over the window. I dont believe Ive ever seen this done before. LOL.

May I add you to my blog?

jm_houseinprogress said...

We actually had problems with glass blocks in our bathroom window because of the moisture from the shower and the grout.

We went with a fixed window made of opaque safety glass with a (real) marble sill and it has been terrific. Looks nice and was easier to fit into the space than the glass block. Just a thought.

Amy Turn Sharp said...

You sound just like me! I want a lot from my bathroom too! :)

Amalie said...

I really like the idea of replacing the faux rope tile with slate!

Jennifer said...

Chris and Sarah~ Isn't it fabulous? We've left it there for over a year now! Time to do something different. Thanks for the link and for stopping by!

What kind of grout did you use? Was it the latex kind? Based on that advice I may look more seriously at getting a solid window that "looks" like it's made of glass block, too... trying to get rid of the windowsill though. Maybe I could rig a nice slate window sill to tie in the floor though... something more to think about.

Shower man said...

I think you have to leave the window. Choose nice curtain and change the clear glass to frosted one. This is the easiest way.

Jennifer said...

But shower man... the window is rotted. It needs replaced anyway! It was not done properly to be a bathroom window. The sill drains back into the window, and the wood has rotted. The glass there is frosted, btw.

Thanks for the input, though!