Thursday, December 6, 2007

Color Choices and Beadboard?

The very first home improvement project we undertook when we bought this house was to paint the bathroom. We attempted to paint the walls the same grey color we thought the tub tile was... except, when that color covers entire walls it's actually a lavender/blue shade.

My bathroom in it's current purply-blue and white glory:

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We would love to paint a different color. We are thinking one of the shades below.. probably the second or third saturation level.

The great part about #1 is that it is from the same tint family as the living room and bedrooms. The living room is the lightest color on the swatch, and the bedrooms are one color lighter. It might make a nice visual connection between the bathroom and the rest of the house to stay in that family. Of course, the green in #3 is nice, too and the chocolate in #4 just makes me hungry!

Suggestions of different colors are more than welcome...

Also on a slightly different note, I've been toying with the idea of adding white beadboard around the bottom of the bathroom and just painting the upper portion the above color choice. It's a small space and wouldn't cost much. Would it be too much of a contrast/too white?


cotterpin house said...

I've got a special place in my heart for #4, but for your project, I would lean towards #1- especially if it matches the other rooms!

Chile said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. Looking through yours brings back lots of memories - some good, some not-so-good - of remodels on several old houses (1906, 1913) in the Craftsman Bungalow style. Best discovery: original tongue-in-groove pine wood flooring with 25 foot long planks! Worst discovery: dry-rotted original outside porch used as subfloor in added bathroom. We had to take everything out. At one point, the door could be opened to a 2 foot drop down to the dirt below the house!

Good job on all your hard work and have fun with the plans. (PS: hint - we discovered that one rule was wrong. People said that you should estimate the time and cost of each project and then double it to be on the safe side. We learned to triple it! Saved our sanity...

Amandazzle said...

I noticed that you left some comments on my blog, and it seems as though we have a lot on common. We both have old houses, we both live on the front range, we both use ReSource and Habitat stores, and we both have a small budget. Maybe we will run into each other sometime!

I love you little old house! Mine is only 1000 square feet and that is with many additions. Just think, a little house makes a smaller "footprint". Plus it helps us be creative with our space and hold on to less "things"!

Good luck with all your work!

handyman said...

I finally got a chance to check out your blog. Your house is sweet! It's great that you're giving it a new life.

I drove myself crazy over color choices a while back. Sorry, I can't help you out there.

The bathroom tile looks great! And kudos for the reduce/reuse/recycle aesthetic. I'm with you all the way.

Jen said...

Like The beaded board option for the bottom 1/2 .

LisaCarol said...

The one thing I would be careful is how the paint color makes your skin look -- I had a bathroom painted a peachy color once, which was absolutely awful for my complexion and I hated going in there in the morning. I always looked sick. If the colors are flattering to you, then go for the one you like. And the white beadboard will be unifying rather than too white. You already have a white sink and white tub filling up the lower space. The beadboard will just pull it all together.